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2023 International Travel Guide by Uttam Sheth

Hello! Readers I'm Uttam Sheth, a solo traveler and father of beautiful dog (Jonny) and 2 child Chinky & Sonu. Passionate traveler and explorer. Traveled 20 State and 2 UT. Aiming to capture whole India to relive my remaining life.


In this blog I will share my travel experience which I have got for my previous experiences and things to take care before leaving on vacation or on small trip. Before we move ahead with my travel content I would like to specially thanks my Travel Agent for making my all trip's successful and hassle-free.

Let's now jump into some 08 Best Travel Trip Advices which I would like to share.

Get Your Passport Done in Advance

The most important of all our tips for first-time international travelers? Apply for your passport well in advance of your planned departure date to avoid unnecessary stress. Do not book flights or make arrangements that cannot be changed until you have the little book that opens doors around the world.Some international flights require you to enter your passport number when booking or online check-in. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain your passport number before starting your reservation.

Think properly where to go in advance

Perhaps you have long dreamed of seeing elephants in Thailand or visiting the pyramids in Egypt. We may not know exactly where we are going, but we do know that we have to go. Now that you have your passport, it can be difficult to decide where to go on your first trip abroad when you are overwhelmed by the amazing places you can see. - Do you want to stay close to your home country or go far away? - Do you speak a foreign language? - Are you eager to make new friends and connecting with locals? - What are you looking forward to the most? - What is your comfort level for traveling to countries that have a culture and lifestyle that differs greatly from yours?

Check to see if you need Visa.

When booking your trip, be aware if you need a visa for your trip. A visa is a document issued by the country you are visiting that allows you to travel for a specified number of days.

Most of Europe, the UK, and many countries in Asia and Latin America allow US passport holders to travel visa-free or receive a visa on arrival. However, if a visa is required and you are flying without a visa, you will not be allowed to board the plane. Talk about a big disappointment and loss of hard earned money.

Make sure you can access your money overseas

Gone are the days of having to carry cash and traveler's checks (what's that?!) when traveling abroad. The internet has made it much easier to manage and access money while traveling around the world.

If you need to set travel alerts while abroad, check with your bank and let them know when and where you're traveling. You can also inquire about international fees and find out if your destination has a partner bank to save on expensive "foreign transaction" ATM fees.

Book Everything in Advance

How far in advance should I start booking my trip? Unfortunately Covid is still going on so this is hard to say. A recent study found that, contrary to previous advice, booking closer to departure yields last-minute deals as airlines struggle to fill flights. Research reveals that the ideal time to book cheap flights to Europe is 180 days before departure.

Keep Yourself Safe

Traveling abroad for the first time can be intimidating, but in your heart, traveling is even more scary than usual. Here are some security measures to keep in mind when traveling abroad. - Pickpockets and petty theft - Stay in contact - Travel insurance - Above all, common sense

Take the Leap into the Unknown As the departure date approaches, tension and excitement may build. This is my first time leaving my comfortable and familiar home country. It's a little scary, but it will disappear over time. The benefits of travel and the thrill of seeing new places and meeting new people far outweigh the stress of planning your first trip.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, remember. New destinations require trial and error, even for experienced travelers. Accept any mishap knowing you'll gain valuable knowledge for your next flight. have a nice trip! For more information on travel mail me on


Uttam Sheth


Uttam Sheth Ahmedabad based explorer & Traveler. Foodaholic & Passionate 35 years old has visited more than 10 countries and truly a humble hearted person helping society in better ways.


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